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Common Issues

Use the videos below to learn how to fix common problems.


  1. Filling up your pool
  2. Cleaning your skimmer
  3. Draining your pool
  4. Cleaning out algae
  5. Pulling leaves out of basket
  6. What to do when it rains
  7. Removing your pool cover
  8. Monsoon season and you
  9. Where to put your chlorine tablets
  10. How to do a cannonball


  1. Keeping your deck clean
  2. Working with wood decks
  3. How chlorine affects concrete and wood
  4. How to sweep leaves
  5. When and where to paint your deck
  6. Natural stone vs synthetic and you
  7. How to keep your deck cool in the summer
  8. Cleaning products for concrete or wood
  9. Repairing cracks
  10. When does concrete cure?


  1. Programming your clock
  2. Drip system emitters
  3. What to do when you see a leak
  4. Troubleshooting 101
  5. How to bring plants back to life
  6. Taking care of saguaros and other succulents
  7. How to remove jumping cholla safely
  8. Choosing the right irrigation system
  9. When to water in the Arizona summer
  10. How to add a new drip line

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